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CYTT tour alliance chain

We are reshaping the Shared ecosystem of travel services This is a decentralized and borderless tourism service sharing ecosystem based on trust, evaluation, motivation, community autonomy and system wisdom. more

What is CYTT?

CYTT is a tourism technically to make open platform for the industry alliance block chain, link directly by decentralized block chain network global travel service provider (enterprise or individual) and the consumer, to rebuild based on trust, evaluation, motivation, community autonomy, system intelligent decentralized borderless travel services share the ecological system.

Travel service providers, consumers for identity authentication

Travel service providers and consumers must authenticate their identities before using CYTT DAPP. CYTT USES asymmetric encryption technology to encrypt identity information and store it in a distributed storage system.

Travel service providers release their products

The travel Service provider publishes all travel-related products, services, activities, Information, etc. through the smart contract template provided by CYTT, and all data will be presented to the ISS (Information Service System).

Consumers buy travel products

Consumers pay the CYTT card to the smart contract. After the transaction is confirmed by the travel service provider, CYTT will generate a purchase certificate, save it in the distributed storage system, and provide it to both parties.

Consumers and travel service providers evaluate each other and get rewards

The ratings and comments of both parties will not be displayed immediately. The system will automatically publish the ratings and comments only if both parties are judging each other, or if one party has completed the ratings and comments, but the other party has not commented within a specified period of time.

In case of any dispute between consumers and travel service providers, they may apply for arbitration

According to the final arbitration result, the travel service provider will pay compensation to consumers, and the platform will automatically deduct a certain credit score of the travel service provider.

CYTT solutions

Solve the following pain points for the tourism industry:

Centralized trust problem

The third-party intermediary platform cannot fully guarantee the credit verification of service providers, landlords and users, resulting in the problem that the reservation is successful but the service is not available.

Comment on fraud

High-quality reviews help consumers make the best purchase choices. As the service competition degree rise, manipulation comments into the attack, promote sales tools and means.

High operating costs

In order to ensure the operation capacity, OTA establishes a large operation center and employs a large number of employees, resulting in high operation costs.

Commissions remain high

The high operating costs of otas have been passed on to service providers and travellers, and commissions have remained high.

High transaction fee

The proportion of outbound tourism has been increasing year by year, which has become an important choice for people. However, Ang's transaction fee has brought troubles to passengers.

User information leakage

Users in the third party intermediary fill out personal information leak, was harassed by businesses, reduce the user travel experience.

Malicious damage to public facilities

Tourists littering, graffiti and other low-quality behavior is common, malicious damage to public facilities and other behavior has no means of accountability, easy to produce disputes.

For goods

Scenic spot merchants overpriced, sky-high price seafood, sky-high price mineral water incidents. The rights and interests of consumers cannot be effectively protected.

Technical framework

The underlying architecture of CYTT will be based on the latest generation of smart contract alliance chains, which will be able to integrate the ecology of the global travel industry and support cross-border payment services and financial services. CYTT has the following characteristics:

Application project

CYTT application scenarios are extensive and feasible, mainly divided into five categories: CYTT service platform, CYTT online consumption platform, CYTT payment platform, CYTT trading platform, CYTT financial platform.

CYTT service provider platform
CYTT service provider platform
On the PLATFORM of CYTT service providers, travel service providers only need to focus on business operation without worrying about blockchain technology. Based on CYTT certificate, CYTT has established a set of scientific and perfect service provider incentive system. Service providers will receive certain CYTT card rewards for information linking, offering discounts, and traffic import. Service providers can check the amount of CYTT card through CYTT DAPP in real time.
CYTT online consumer platform
CYTT online consumer platform
On CYTT's online shopping platform, consumers can enjoy a full range of travel services, including hotel booking, travel booking, travel vacation and business travel management.
CYTT payment platform
CYTT payment platform
Consumers will be able to pay with one click as long as they open CYTT DAPP's scanning function. Through this function, CYTT can be converted into legal tender in real time for offline consumption, and the whole payment process is fast and convenient.
CYTT trading platform
CYTT trading platform
CYTT trading platform, with dual functions of wallet and C2C trading, is a decentralized platform for storing, trading and managing digital assets such as CYTT and USDT. It is integrated into CYTT DAPP and is one of the core functions of CYTT DAPP.
CYTT Financial Platform
CYTT Financial Platform
CYTT Financial platform is a new digital platform for cultural and travel assets. Based on CYTT chain technology alliance, CYTT financial platform to tourism assets (such as right of scenic spot tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.) through a third party service certification body is true, approval and price for sure, sure, an authentication, evaluation of assets and assets of the anchor, smart contracts for reusing CYTT league chain digital design, become a chain to the current deal.

Cytt Travel Alliance travel around the world

Cytt Changyou alliance chain is the first tourism blockchain ecosystem in the world, which is jointly initiated by OMT group and many tourism operators around the world.

development history

OMT group is a one-stop travel management service group. It was founded in Thailand in 2008, and its central management and sales team is located in Singapore. After more than ten years of development and precipitation, OMT group has established 18 branches in 14 countries, and has many tourism service partners, more than 2000 high-quality enterprise customers and million class individual users. Cytt Changyou alliance is a forward-looking move for OMT group, the world's top tourism group, to lay out the blockchain, and is also a key strategic deployment for the group's digital transformation and upgrading. With the endorsement of OMT group, cytt Changyou alliance has become the only decentralized and shared tourism service ecosystem created by large tourism groups in the world.

Management team

Cytt DAPP is jointly sponsored by many tourism operators around the world, and is headquartered in Singapore. It is jointly created by a senior team with rich industry experience and engaged in tourism for more than 30 years and the earliest senior expert team in the field of blockchain technology research and development

To be honored

In 2017, OMT group won the Asia top enterprise achievement award;

In 2019, OMT group won the Thailand tourism contribution award at the Thai Princess charity foundation

In 2019, Cambodia branch won the national business contribution award, which is the only award-winning enterprise in the tourism industry

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Business introduction

Cytt Changyou alliance integrates innovation incentive mechanism, POS ecological co construction mechanism, fuel combustion symbiosis mechanism and economic deflation mechanism. The global first POS + POS = POM symbiosis system is to synthesize cytt certificate by symbiosis of TT fuel and TC fuel in proportion. Through the fuel symbiosis mode, the ecological seed members can be quickly stimulated to increase the "internal circulation" of fuel demand, which will drive the value-added of cytt token..

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